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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


An ISIS-run Website with an address in New Zealand has been shut down in Iceland. Internet in Iceland Inc or ISNIC said in a statement on Oct. 12 that it had suspended domains "used for the Website of a known terrorist organisation." According to reports, ISNIC said a group that called itself ISIS has been running the site "" Iceland traced the web hosting company of the ISIS Website to New Zealand. The managing director of the Web hosting company said he was "horrified" to find an ISIS Website was registered to his company, ONE News reported. The Website address has been tracked to a safe deposit box in Parnell which was provided by the New Zealand company Private Box. Managing director Gareth Foster has confirmed his company provides a mail drop service for Suite 4551 but said the ISIS Website's domain was under the name of a certain Azym Abdullah. He was not a customer of Private Box. Foster said the company will be working with authorities to determine the relationship of the account associated with the name on the registered domain. Private Box had introduced more security measures in March for personal accounts identified as high risk. Foster told media that the customer had signed up in 2012 before the new measures were in place. New Zealand Federation of Islamic Associations president Anwar Ghani said he does not know anyone by the name of Azym Abdullah and confirms the person has no ties with the organisation. Ghani said the address in Parnell is not used by anyone in the association. Other Websites with similar names which ISIS militants claim to run in parts of Iraq and Syria are operational in other countries without clear ties to the group, reports said. ISNIC head Jens Petur Jensen claimed it was the first time that Iceland was forced to shut down the site because of its content. A spokesperson for New Zealand's intelligence community said they are aware of the story but will not give a statement. ISIS is known to be using the Internet to attract supporters to join them in Iraq and Syria as fighters. LINK:

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