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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


THIS AKL-BASED BLOG STARTED IN MARCH 2014. In SEVEN months, I've got followers from 59 countries in every continent, but mostly from (in order): New Zealand, US, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, UK, Poland. This blog is really international. SPECIAL THANKS to the NZ, US, French, German and Russian Comrades. Just keep following THE FREE VOICE OF AUCKLAND. Suggestions and ideas to improve the blog are welcome. Just e-mail me at: Thanx, Kingsland Wolf HERE THE COMPLETE LIST OF THE COUNTRIES: Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Greece, Cyprus; Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Iraq, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan; Morocco, Egypt, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa; Australia, NZ.

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