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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Russia's annexation of Crimea following a referendum has prompted calls from such distant places as Alaska and the Gaza Strip to hold votes on their own absorption by Russia. A petition calling for Alaska to secede from the U.S. and join Russia gathered more than 12,000 signatures on the White House website by early Monday morning, just a few days after it was posted by an unidentified local resident. Entitled "Alaska back to Russia," the petition cites the travels of 18th-century Russian explorers to Alaska, which was a Russian colony until the U.S. bought it in 1867 for a mere $7.2 million, or $120 million adjusted for inflation. The petition must attract 100,000 signatures by April 20 to be reviewed by President Barack Obama's administration. In the Middle East, the Russian-language version of a Palestinian website run by Hamas said that Russian speakers in the Gaza Strip planned to hold a referendum on their territory join Russia, though no confirmation by Hamas leaders of any such plans were reported. An activist supposedly involved in the referendum movement, and identified only by her initial "N," cited Moscow's statements about its readiness to protect Russian citizens in any part of the world, website reported. Joining Russia would provide Gaza with "modern weapons — even nuclear ones cannot be ruled out," the woman was quoted as saying. Palestine-info said the number of Russian citizens living in Gaza is about 50,000, most of them Russian women who married Palestinian men, though Voice of Russia cited Russian media reports as saying that the actual number was less than 400 people. Moscow's annexation of Crimea under the guise of protecting its Russian speakers have prompted a flurry of mock appeals for protection, including one from a journalist in Vologda who asked Putin to dispatch troops to that Russian region to "protect" its people from corrupt officials. The Vologda regional governor responded by having prosecutors summon the journalist, Roman Romanenko, for questioning on suspicion of "extremist" activities, the journalist said. The White House petition site currently has more than 120 petitions gathering signatures. Any American can create a petition on the website under the First Amendment, which protects the freedom of speech and the right to petition the government. An earlier petition for secession by the state of Texas passed the 100,000 signature threshold required for consideration, but the White House turned it down, saying that while "no one disputes that our country faces big challenges," Americans needed to work together to resolve them, instead of letting debates tear the country apart. LINK:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


THE CONTROVERSY ABOUT THE NEW KIWI FLAG IS NOT OVER YET. NZ NATIONAL FLAG DAY is organised in Wellington by New Zealand NATIONAL FRONT. "Every year we march to the Parliament flying the New Zealand flag to show respect and pride for the history behind it, to defend our flag against those who would seek to destroy it. And to show the world we are here and we will continue to fight for the future survival of Kiwi culture not matter how hard the government, the left and the world try to dissolve it." You can find more information about this event on Facebook.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


RWR-NORTHERN WOLVES are looking into doing a Heroic comics book to promote Ancient European Culture and Traditions. We need a couple of artists and story tellers. It should have a couple of storylines. One of a superhero based on Nordic Warrior's culture. The other based on ancient stories with historical components. Please contact us if you interested. E-mail:

Friday, 25 July 2014


IF YOU WANNA JOIN OR GETTING MORE INFORMATION ABOUT RWR, HERE YOU CAN FIND A LIST OF ALL THE CHAPTERS IN NZ. Maybe there's one in your town or not far away. A) NORTHERN WOLVES (Upper North Island): AUCKLAND - Hamilton. On probation: Coromandel - Tauranga; B) CENTRAL DIVISION (Lower North Island): Stratford - Wanganui - Palmerston North - Levin - Masterton - Wellington. On probation: New Plymouth - Hawke's Bay; C) SOUTH ISLAND: Christchurch - Timaru - Oamaru - Dunedin. On probation: Waimate - Invercargill. Interested people in: Nelson - Blenheim - Westport - Gore. RWR HQ & NORTHERN WOLVES: CALL or TXT 027-2579269. From overseas: 0064272579269.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


SOUTH SUDAN MAY HAVE DECLARED ITS INDEPENDENCE IN 2011 BUT WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN IN A GLOBALISED WORLD? Hubert Sauper's documentary catches the forces at work in the world's newest country with a dramatic immediacy. A Chinese oil company is exlpoiting the natural resources, sapping 300,000 barrels a day from the ground and contaminating the equally precious drinking water in the process. Meanwhile, American missionaries are exerting their religious influence, offering education in exchange for compliance with their notions of property. Hubert Sauper collected a much-deserved Special Jury Prize for 'Cinematic Bravery' at Sundance Film Festival 2014. AUCKLAND RIALTO CINEMAS, 25 and 31 July 2014.

Monday, 21 July 2014


THIS BLOG IS INTERNATIONAL. WE'VE GOT FOLLOWERS FROM ALL THE CONTINENTS. HERE THE COMPLETE LIST OF THE COUNTRIES: Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Spain, Greece; Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan; Angola; Australia, NZ.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


A self-proclaimed viking who sailed a yacht from Auckland to Antarctica without permission has been fined but refuses to pay. Norwegian authorities fined Jarle Andhoy 45,000 Norwegian kroner (NZ$8360) for violating environmental protection protocols in the Antarctic Treaty. If he doesn't pay he will be given a 50-day suspended jail sentence. Andhoy entered New Zealand illegally in 2012 and was ordered out. He left from Auckland on a 16-metre steel yacht, Nilaya, and sailed to McMurdo Sound. Among his crew was Mana Party activist Busby Noble. New Zealand authorities tried to halt the yacht but Andhoy made it to McMurdo where he tried to find traces of his previous yacht, Berserk, which had disappeared in a storm with the loss of three men in 2011. Nothing was found and Andhoy took Nilaya to Chile where he and Noble and another young crew member were briefly arrested. Andhoy and Noble became celebrities in Norway. Andhoy, who described himself as a "wild Viking" at the time, said he was regarded as a sex god for his adventures. "Norwegian women are turned on by men who smell of sweat, [who] can put up a wall and drain an outdoor toilet," he said. Norway's state media NRK reported that Judge Unni Sandbukt of the Nord-Troms District Court had convicted Andhoy of sailing into Antarctica without permission of the Norwegian Polar Institute. He was found to have lacked permission and failed to meet strict demands for insurance and preparedness for environmental consequences when he set sail from New Zealand. Andhoy argued that an international treaty governing Antarctica applies only on land, not at open sea. The court found him guilty of violating the treaty, though, fining him. Norwegian news outlet Dagbladet quoted Andhoy's lawyer, Brynjar Ostgard, saying an appeal would be filed on the grounds that the site, McMurdo Sound, is open sea and not covered by the treaty rules which apply to land. Andhoy believed there was no obligation to report to sail on the open sea. He would not pay the fine, he said. LINK:

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has refused to point the finger of blame at anyone in the wake of Thursday's Ukraine plane crash. Newspaper leader writers have different ideas. The Telegraaf makes no bones about where it thinks the blame lies. 'Murderers' screams the front page headline, above a photograph of Alexander Borodai, the 'self-proclaimed premier of the people's repubic of Donetsk' surrounded by armed men. In its editorial, the paper criticises the reluctance of prime minister Mark Rutte to point fingers because he believes that will make it less likely to find out the truth. Anger The same approach was taken during the Greenpeace crisis with Moscow, the paper points out. 'But there is much less reason for this now,' the Telegraaf says. 'What has to happen before our government says 'we won't take this'. The Netherlands should be banging its fists on the table... the cabinet needs to make it clear to the world that we are seething with anger. This is terror, a war crime, mass murder!' 'The Netherlands is acting in this crisis as if it is a little country and that lessens the impact of the prime minister's words that he will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice.' The truth? The Volkskrant front page asks 'are we going to find out the truth?' Inside, the paper's correspondent says that pro-Russian rebels are 'in charge' in the area where the plane crashed. 'It is war, and who in a war zone does not follow orders, gets shot,' one guard told Olaf Koens. On its inside pages, the paper lists nine points and pieces of evidence about the crash. There is video evidence that the rebels have rockets, the rebels wrote about bringing down a plane on Twitter and the US security services picked up a electronic signal which 'clearly' came from a rocket launcher shortly before the plane was shot down, the paper says. Ghosts of the past In its editorial, the Volkskrant says Europe can no longer look away from the Ukrainian war unleashed by the Russians. Peace in Europe has been built on the bones of millions of victims of nationalism, war and racism. Vladimir Putin, the paper says, is responsible for the return of echoes from the darkest period in European history. On Thursday, the Netherlands was gruesomely confronted with an old truth: the peace on this continent cannot be divided and 'far away conflicts' no longer exist. Velvet gloves However, the paper continues in a second editorial, prime minister Mark Rutte must now remove his velvet gloves. This cabinet's motto is 'uncovering the facts'. But while that might be sensible in diplomatic circles, the Netherlands should now show its fists. President Putin carries great responsibility for the war in his back garden. The velvet gloves which were worn during the incident-packed year for friendship between the Netherlands and Russia should be removed. The photographs of the king drinking beer with the Russian leader in Sochi was not a pretty picture and now the time is right to tell Putin the truth, in no uncertain terms. International rules tate the country where a plane crashes take the leading role in the investigation. That is Ukraine. The black boxes should not be taken by separatists to Moscow but to Kiev. The Netherlands must join the investigation and ensure it is international and independent. Shock and mourning Trouw points out that nearly everyone will know one of the 192 dead. What connects the Spar supermarket in Amstelveen with the senate, a primary school in the village of Neerkant and Zuidas law firm Nauta? the paper asks. It quotes the Hilversum football club Olympia 25 which lost six members: 'We cannot yet fully comprehend it but the air disaster as left an enormous crater in our community'. The front page photograph is that of king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima signing the register of condolences. 'We are with them in our thoughts,' the king wrote. Pain The AD's front page shows a girl in pink shorts looking at the flowers left outside a Dutch home. 'The pain is tangible everywhere,' the paper says. 'In many towns and villages, friends and family are mourning the 192 Dutch victims.' The paper's pages are full of personal stories of those who died: Willem who was going to live with his girlfriend who runs a B&B in Bali; the four children and their parents from one tiny village. In its editorial, the paper says Rutte's calm, detached approach is the only way. 'Despite all the emotions, he is not being led by them,' the paper states. 'Emotions solve nothing. Whether it is territorial urges, hatred or old wounds, [emotions] get in the way of every solution. LINK:


A Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 people crashed near the Russian border in Ukraine's conflict-torn east on Thursday. The aircraft departed from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport at 12:14 p.m. local time, en route to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There were 280 passengers and 15 crew on board. The plane disappeared from radars at about 5:20 p.m. Moscow time. It was traveling at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Follow our liveblog on developments around the passenger plane crash. Although in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy it remains impossible to discern what caused the plane crash, Ukrainian authorities in Kiev and pro-Russian insurgents in Donetsk wasted no time blaming the incident on each other. Each side accused the other of having downed the plane. News about a passenger airliner crashing on the Russian-Ukrainian border exploded on social networks Thursday evening, with speculation swirling in thousands of Russian tweets and Facebook comments about the catastrophe. "Oh my God, a passenger plane was shot down! They got innocent people even in the sky, Ukraine is becoming a real nightmare for others," Elena (@helenwitt) wrote Thursday evening. "I was told that during my step session that a Malaysian plane was shot down near Thorez. I have only one question: Who?” Margarita (@iri4ka89) wrote. Just like Ukrainian officials and Russia-aligned separatists, netizens engaged in frantic finger-pointing late Thursday, blaming the insurgents or the Ukrainian military for downing the plane with 295 people aboard. "Previously, separatists had stated that they knocked down another transport plane of the Ukrainian navy. Later we have a crashed Boeing passenger jet. What a mess!" Vladimir Lepsayev (@lepsaya) wrote. Selena (@selena70007) suggested it could be an anti-Russian provocation. "The tragedy with the plane is terrible. My heart is aching. But the consequences disturb me as well. It's not so simple. Provocation. Kiev and the State Department may blame the Russian Federation for that!" she wrote. And yet another popular sentiment after the tragedy: war fatigue and pacifism. "The war has gone too far. Now not even my neighbors, citizens of Ukraine, have died — those passengers were complete strangers! People! Come to your senses! Stop!" Natalya Chesnova (@Nany_Nalatty) wrote Thursday. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting of the country's security and national defense council: "This is not an incident, not a catastrophe, but a terrorist act." The quote was posted with a photograph on his official Twitter account. The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, who have denied any involvement in the incident, accused Ukrainian forces of having downed the Malaysia Airlines plane. "The aircraft was downed by the Ukrainian side," Sergei Kavtardze, a member of the self-proclaimed republic's security council, told Interfax. "We do not have the anti-aircraft technology to do this. Our portable air-defense system can only hit targets 3,000 to 4,000 meters away. Boeings fly much higher than that." In late June, ITAR-Tass reported the insurgents have captured a military base in the city of Donetsk that had a Buk missile system in its stock. The system can reach target at an altitude of up to 22 kilometers. The Donetsk People's Republic tweeted on June 29 that they had taken possession of the Buk missile system. Deputy Prime Minister of the People's Donetsk Republic Andrei Purgin told Interfax on Thursday, however, that the separatists do not have Buk missile systems at their disposal. Purgin also said that the black boxes from the airplane will be given to the Moscow-based International Aviation Committee. In addition, rebel leader Igor Strelkov reported through his Vkontakte account that an An-26 military transport aircraft had been shot down by the rebels just 1.5 hours before news broke about the Malaysian airline crash. A Su-25 fighter jet had also been downed earlier in the day, Strelkov said. He later deleted the post from his account. After news of the plane crash broke, Strelkov added via Vkontakte, "the Malaysian airliner was downed by a Ukrainian fighter jet. The airspace of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions has been closed by the Ukrainian government. The airliner could violate the closed airspace for two reasons: 1) Ukraine provocation [or a] 2) dispatcher's mistake." Overall pro-Russian insurgents in Ukraine have claimed to have downed at least 15 military fighter jets and transport planes. The Ukrainian government vowed to create an international commission to investigate the circumstances of the incident. Anton Gerashenko, an advisor to Ukraine's interior minister, wrote on his Facebook page that Ukrainian authorities were not "excluding the possibility that the plane was downed and stressed that the armed forces of Ukraine did not commit any action against targets in the air." President Vladimir Putin has informed U.S. President Barack Obama about the crash in a phone call on Thursday night, Kremlin's press service said. Obama has instructed his staff to keep him updated on the developments Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak tweeted on Thursday evening, "I am shocked by reports that an MH plane crashed. We are launching an immediate investigation." Shortly after news broke of the crash, Russia's Investigative Committee predicted via Twitter that an information war would promptly ensue, and that both sides would accuse each other, but that this would not bring back the lives that have been lost. "This will be a game-changer for the whole conflict. [If anyone is] found culpable, his position will be completely discredited," Alexei Makarkin, an analyst from the Center for Political Technologies, said in a phone interview. "The Malaysian side will demand an international investigation, I think it will be fairly easy to establish the guilty side, but both will point fingers at each other regardless of its outcome," he said. Sergei Oznobischev, director of the Institute of Strategic Assessment, a Moscow-based think tank said that the tragedy can divert more international attention to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. "Because of the tragic nature of this incident it is possible that it will serve as a push for final and fundamental conflict-resolution in Ukraine," said Sergei Oznobischev, director of the Institute of Strategic Assessment, a Moscow-based think tank. At the same time, it will be difficult to prove the guilt of one side against the other. They both use the same Soviet-era weapons, they were both fighting in the area," he said in a phone interview. LINK:

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


THIS AKL-BLOG STARTED IN MARCH 2014. In FOUR months, I've got followers from 40 countries in every continent, but mostly from (in order): New Zealand, USA, Russia, Germany, Australia, Italy, Turkey, UK, China, Brazil. This blog is really international. I would say thanks to all the followers and particularly to the NZ, USA, Russian and German Comrades. Just keep following THE FREE VOICE OF AUCKLAND. Suggestions and ideas to improve the blog are welcome. Just e-mail me at: Thanx, Kingsland Wolf HERE THE COMPLETE LIST OF THE COUNTRIES: Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Spain, Greece; Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan; Angola; Australia, NZ.

Sunday, 13 July 2014



Tuesday, 8 July 2014


DIVISION 88 IS A NEW WHITE PRIDE ORGANISATION BASED IN NEW ZEALAND. If you wanna get more info about this new group, you can txt and ask for an info pack on; 0279094067. LINK:

Sunday, 6 July 2014


IN AUSTRALIA (BRISBANE) THERE IS A WHITE POWER SKINHEAD RADIO. The website is linked to the USA MICETRAP online store. If you curious, check out at: