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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I CAN READ in the newspapers that DYLANN ROOF is a WHITE SUPREMACIST, 21, accused of murdering nine black worshippers in a historic African-American church in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA. It means he was born in 1994. He was on Facebook showing a mean profile as well. I was wondering. Is Dylann really a White Supremacist? Is his case a matter of politics (terrorism) or just the act of a desperate youth? It's not easy to understand. I can see there are around many desperate white youth, born in the 90s. They are unemployed, maybe they aren't skilled (low scholarship) and looking for any kind of job anywhere. They feel themselves marginalised from the Society. They are the young victims of the globalisation. And as a last resort, sometimes they join white-oriented organisations to sort out this way their problems in a heroic way. The point is: White Orgs are not a (Computer) game. It's true: they talk to white and unemployed youth as well. But they should be very cautious when desperate youth wanna join them. Usually a probation period is required and selection includes psychological tests and political awareness. Final consideration: in 1994, Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers was released. Probably Hollywood will make very soon a movie about Dylann Roof's story...

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