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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


IN NEW ZEALAND, THERE ARE NOW DIFFERENT GROUPS IN THE WHITE POWER MOVEMENT. SOME OF THEM ARE WHAT WE COULD CALL 'OLD SCHOOL'. They remind me of 80s and 90s ACTIVISM. They are active on the ground and give value to the action in their communities. NATIONAL FRONT and RWR belong to this 'OLD SCHOOL'. They blame what they see as an INTERNET SKIN WAVE of activists, who prefer creating their own groups online rather than fighting on the ground. INTERNET is really a powerful instrument and allows any Skinhead creating their own community online in an easy and international way. It looks like the old boys (NF and RWR) are losing members or finding it hard to get new ones. Sign of the times. A new Hamilton-based organization of Skinheads is Division 88 NZ, co-created in June 2014 by a former RWR High Officer. NF, RWR and DIV 88 are atm the main orgs in NZ. Other groups are minor or not easy to find online. To find out more about this matter, please check these websites:

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